Cara Mendapatkan Dollar Di Trafficmonsoon - Pada kali ini saya akan membahas tentang cara mendapatkan dollar di trafficmonsoon. Ini masih tergolong dalam PTC (Paid to Click), sama persis dengan bahasan saya sebelumnya tentang Cara Mendapatkan Dollar Di Paidverts. Jadi, kita mendapatkan dollar jika melakukan klik iklan dan menunggu hingga durasi waktu tertentu.

Trafficmonsoon dibanding PV (Paidverts) antara lain: di trafficmonsoon besar nilai iklan stabil (statis) atau besar nilainya sama yakni sebesar $0.01. Sehari, iklan yang muncul bisa 20 biji atau lebih. Jadi jika kita rajin klik iklan maka dalam satu hari bisa mengumpulkan dollar sebesar $0.2.

Payout/ Withdraw
Di trafficmonsoon, batas minimal bisa melakukan PO (Payout)/ WD (Withdraw) adalah $2. Jadi, kita bisa melakukan PO/ WD jika dollar yang terkumpul lebih besar sama dengan $2. Trafficmonsoon hanya menerima pembayaran melalui PayPal, Payza, dan Solid Trust Pay.

Mau Bukti PO/WD/ Pembayaran yang saya terima?


Panduan Mendaftar dan Mendapatkan Dollar di Trafficmonsoon
1. Buka halaman Trafficmonsoon atau klik di SINI.


Tunggu hingga halaman tersebut terbuka. Tampilan halaman mukanya kurang lebih seperti gambar di atas.

2. Isi data-data yang diminta dengan benar dan jujur pada kolom/ kotak kosong yang tersedia.


3. Pastikan semua data sudah terisi semua dengan benar. Jika dirasa sudah lengkap, silakan klik tombol "Proceed".

4. Silakan cek e-mail yang Anda gunakan untuk mendaftar tadi. Klik link activation/ confirmation untuk mengaktifkan akun trafficmonsoon Anda.

5. Silakan login ke akun trafficmonsoon Anda atau klik di SINI.


6. Tunggu halaman terbuka seperti gambar di atas. Setelah itu perhatikan yang diberi lingkaran merah. Itu iklan yang akan muncul dan akan Anda klik untuk mendapatkan Dollar.

7. Klik salah satu iklan yang ada dalam lingkaran merah. Maka akan muncul halaman baru yang akan terbuka. Tunggu halaman baru tersebut terbuka sempurna dan muncul kode unik/ capcha di bagian atas.

Tunggu hingga proses loading selesai dan muncul kode/angka unik.

Isi kotak kosong disamping kode/ angka unik sesuai dengan gambar yang tertera pada capcha

Kode/ Angka Unik atau Capctha Harus Sesuai dan klik tombol "Credit Click!"

Klik Tombol "Back To Account"
8. Lakukan langkah nomor 7 hingga iklan yang ada dalam lingkaran merah tidak tersedia.

9. Selamat Mencoba !

Pertanyaan yang Sering Ditanyakan:

1 I need website visitors. Can I join TrafficMonsoon as a FREE Member and get visitors in your traffic exchange?
Yes. There's no requirement for you to purchase anything before using our traffic exchange services.

As a free member, you'll be able to enjoy a 2:1 surf ratio. That means, you'll surf 2 websites to receive 1 visitor credit.

When you purchase services, you'll enjoy a 1:1 surf ratio. That means, you'll surf 1 website to receive 1 visitor credit.

2 Is TrafficMonsoon a hyip, ponzi, pyramid scheme, or illegal?
No, this is not an investment site nor is it illegal in any way, shape, or form.

We sell ad services.

TrafficMonsoon offers quite a lot of advertising services of the highest possible quality, and delivers them quickly.

When people buy these services, the revenues are held by the company.

When you buy an adpack and receive 1000 visitors to your website, and 20 clicks on your banner advertisement -- you'll also receive a sharing position.

By clicking a minimum of 10 ads in a day, you qualify to receive share in the revenues generated from sales of services.

This isn't a cycle, and there's no time frame affixed, nor guaranteed, because it's completely related to the revenues generated from the sales of services.

(first sales of services generate revenues, then they are shared)

You'll receive 10% commissions when someone you refer buys a true and legitimate advertising service.

3 How do I make money with TrafficMonsoon?
Think of Traffic Monsoon as a traffic exchange mixed with a paid-to-click site.

But instead of rental referrals, we have adpacks that give ad service + sharing positions that share up to $55 .. You must click at least 10 ads in the traffic exchange to qualify for referral click earnings & sharing each day.. Qualifying lasts 24 hours, just like needing to qualify for referral clicks & rental earnings on a paid-to-click.

Some have wondered--- can earning on a paid-to-click site be profitable? If so, how?

More referrals will be more money for you.

10 referrals X $0.10 earnings from cash links X 30 days = $30 from your referral clicks
10 referrals X $0.10 earnings from cash links X 365 days = $365 from your referral clicks
500 referrals X $0.10 earnings from cash links X 30 days = $1,500 from your referral clicks
500 referrals X $0.10 earnings from cash links X 365 days = $18,250 from your referral clicks
1000 referrals X $0.10 earnings from cash links X 30 days = $3,000 from your referral clicks
1000 referrals X $0.10 earnings from cash links X 365 days = $36,500 from your referral clicks

This is not a guarantee of income, but an example of what you can earn by referring new members to Traffic Monsoon who click on cash links.

There are really 4 opportunities to earn with traffic monsoon.

-- paid to click
-- using ad services to generate leads to make money in your primary business
-- revenue sharing
-- direct sales commissions

Each one can be your main focus, or all of them. Naturally, the more you utilize all 4 of these ways to earn money, the more you'll earn.

You'll receive 10% commissions from all your referral purchases, except for cash link purchases. There's no commissions from cash link purchases, because all the money from those purchases are divided up to be rewarded to clickers and the sponsor of the clicker.

4 This site is really awesome. I want to setup more than 1 account. Can I do that?
No. We have it built in our system to disallow multiple sign-ups from the same IP address, and additionally will not allow multiple accounts to sign into accounts from the same IP within the day.

5 Can I refer my family member or friend to this site?
Yes. You may absolutely invite friends and family to use our services. Each account must have its own IP, email address, and payment processor account.

There's no stacking, nor creating accounts for loved ones using your payment processor account.

If for any reason an account is signed up from the same IP as yours, the account would be forced "unreferred"

6 What kind of sites do you allow?
We allow any site, as long as it is not a frame breaker, can be displayed inside an ad frame, and is not pornographic.

Websites with more than ONE pop-up are also disallowed. One pop-up is ok, but more than 1 is too annoying for our members.

Ads that break this rule will be suspended. Repeat offenders will have their account suspended.

7 When is revenue shared from purchases?
Revenues are shared hourly, and delayed by 24 hours. This means you will receive share in revenues today from purchases made yesterday.

We do this for security purposes, and to protect our members from fraudulent funds needing to be removed from their account earnings.

8 What's your minimum payout?
You can request your first payment when your balance reaches $2.00

This minimum increases by $1.00 for each withdrawal until you reach $10.00

($2.00, then $3.00, then $4.00, and so forth up to $10.00)

Then, your minimum will remain at $10.00

9 What payment processors do you accept?
We accept PayPal, Payza, and Solid Trust Pay.

10 When I was surfing, I entered the code and I was given a message "wrong click"?
This means you need to turn off adblock within your browser add-ons. If you see this without this add-on, try another browser or update your current browser to the most recent version.

11 Are withdrawals handled instantly?
We process all requests within 24 hours. Sometimes it will be so fast it will feel instant.

12 How often can I request payout?
As soon as you've reached your minimum, you can request payment. This could happen multiple times per day.

13 If I choose to quit using your services after I've made a purchase, can I get a refund?
No refunds, because all revenues are already shared with all active members and commissions paid to your referring sponsor.

14 What does "share revenue up to $55" mean?
This means we cannot guarantee the amount you'll receive per day, but as long as you are qualified to receive share in site revenues, you'll continue to receive of revenues on each sharing position up to $55.

This also means we do not guarantee reaching $55, because earnings from revenue sharing is completely dependent upon the sales of ad services, and also dependent upon you meeting the qualification to receive of revenues by surfing a minimum of 10 ads in a 24 hour period.

15 What is a Click or a Credit?
Some banner or text ad sites sell impressions. We sell clicks. You'll get unlimited impressions, until you reach the number of clicks on your banner or text ad.

Traffic exchanges generally describe the number of visitors you have remaining in the traffic exchange in terms of credits.

Both terms describe that 1 credit (or click) equals 1 visitor to your site.

16 What is a withdraw code?
This is a security feature to protect your withdrawals. Other sites might call this a transaction pin. This is what you'll enter inside your TrafficMonsoon back office when you request a payment to be sent to your payment processor.

17 I didn't receive referral cash link earnings. Why not?
You must click at least 10 ads in the traffic exchange to qualify for referral click earnings.

The qualification 10 click minimum will look at a window of 24 hours. If within that window 10 ads have been clicked, than you will still appear qualified. The count down timer will be based upon the oldest click in the 24 hour window.

So you can click on hour 23, and if you click 10 ads in a row at hour 23, your timer will display the new time of the 1st of your most recent clicks of 10.

18 How do I change my payment processor after sign-up?
When you signed up, you entered your payment details how you want to be paid.

Sorry, we do not allow processor changes for security reasons.

If you need to add a processor differently than you entered at sign-up, the only other way is to make a purchase.

When you make a purchase, it locks your account to the processor account used to make a purchase.

This is heightened security against hackers in case anyone gains access to your account.

19 I'm seeing this message: "It seems you are behind proxy or using VPN."
I'm sorry you're receiving the VPN/PROXY message

Update your browser
Use google chrome.
If that doesnt work, switch your browser.

Make sure you're using the most updated version of your browser.

Make sure you're not accessing the site through a proxy, or VPN. Google translate might be causing the problem.

Login from the login page as another solution.

Internet Explorer and FIreFox users are finding with the most updated versions of these browsers to have no problems, but I'm using Chrome and also have no problem.

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Cara Mendapatkan Dollar di Skillerz PTP - Mencari dollar itu sulit-sulit mudah, tergantung kesabaran, usaha dan niat kita. Kalau niat, usaha dan usahanya gampang putus asa, ya susah untuk mendapatkan dollar di dunia maya.

Ini ada salah satu lahan yang bisa kita gunakan untuk menambang dollar. Cukup bermodalkan HITLEAP, JINGLING, atau sejenisnya, kita bisa mendapatkan dollar secara otomatis dengan tanpa klik ini itu lagi. 

Mau Bukti? Perhatikan ini!

Pembayaran #1 

Mau bukti lagi?

Pembayaran #2

Bagaimana? Sudah percaya? Masih belum yakin? Ini saya kasih bukti pengalaman PO/WD/pembayaran lainnya.


Pembayaran #4

Perhatikan rentang waktu pembayaran yang telah saya terima!
16 Februari 2015, 1 Maret 2015, 16 Maret 2015, dan 29 Maret 2015. Dalam satu bukan bisa melakukan PO lebih dari 1 kali. Jumlah PO dan besar PO yang kita teriam tergantung strategi dan trik yang kita gunakan. Saya hanya menggunakan trik ala kadarnya, jadi apa yang saya peroleh juga ala kadarnya saja, tidak ada sesuatu yang WAH.

Bagaimana cara mendaftarnya? Silakan disimak caranya berikut ini:

Panduan Mendaftar Skillerz PTP
1. Buka halaman Skillerz PTP atau klik DI SINI.


2. Tunggu hingga halaman terbuka, maka Anda akan melihat tampilan kurang lebih seperti gambar di atas ini.

3. Isi data-data yang ada dalam kotak kosong tersebut (kotak 1 sampai kotak 5). Kotak 1 isilah dengan nama panggilan yang diindinkan. Kotak 2 dan Kotak 3 isilah dengan alamat email Anda. Kotak 4 dan Kotak 5, isilah dengan password yang Anda inginkan. Setelah yakin terisi semua kotak 1 hingga kotak 5, silakan KLIK REGISTER.

Panduan Setting di autosurf (Hitleap, Jingling, dll)
1. Login ke halaman Skillerz PTP.
2. Masuk ke Menu Dashboard.
3. Copy link/ url yang ada di kotak "Your Promotion Link".
4. Letakkan di autosurf (Hitleap, Jingling, dll).

Panduan Convert Poin to Dollar
1. Login ke halaman Skillerz PTP.
2. Masuk ke Menu Convert atau klik DI SINI.
3. Masukkan besar point yang telah Anda peroleh ke kotak yang tersedia (tanpa tanda titik maupun koma).




5. Lakukan Refresh/ Reload halaman Menu Convert. Perhatikan pada lingkaran merah dan hijau. Ada penambahan dan pengurangan dibandingkan sebelumnya.


Panduan Withdraw/ Meminta Pembayaran
Perlu diketahui bahwa proses withdraw (WD/PO) bisa dilakukan ketika jumlah Dollar yang terkumpul lebih dari atau sama dengan 1 Dollar ($1). Permintaan pembayaran bisa ke Paypal atau Bitcoin Wallet.

1. Login ke halaman Skillerz PTP.
2. Masuk ke Menu Withdraw atau klik DI SINI.
3. Isi besar/ jumlah dollar yang Anda kumpulkan. (Minimal $1)
4. Pilih permintaan pembayaran ke Paypal atau Bitcoin Anda.
5. Isi E-mail akun paypal atau Address Bitcoin Anda.


6. Klik Withdraw.
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Cara Mudah Mengeluarkan Kotoran Telinga Berlebih - Pendengaran Anda sedikit mengalami gangguan? Mungkin salah satunya ada kotoran yang menumpuk di dalam telinga Anda sehingga menggangu sistem pendengaran Anda. 

Kotoran telinga yang berlebihan terkadang sulit dibersihkan. Cairan jahat ini berkumpul di telinga karena trauma atau penyumbatan dalam saluran telinga. Salah satu cara terbaik untuk mengeluarkan kotoran telinga adalah dengan obat rumahan.

Menurut para ahli, kekurangan asam lemak Omega 3, seng, dan magnesium bisa menghasilkan kotoran telinga yang berlebihan. Apabila Anda mengabaikannya akan menumpuk jauh di dalam saluran telinga dari waktu ke waktu. Seseorang juga bisa kehilangan pendengaran karena kotoran yang menumpuk.

Berikut beberapa obat rumahan untuk menyingkirkan kotoran telinga seperti dilansir Boldsky, Senin (19/1/2015):

1. Minyak zaitun

Minyak zaitu merupakan cara yang paling aman dan bisa mengeluarkan kotoran telinga. Celupkan sepotong kapas ke dalam minyak zaitu hangat. Peras kelebihan minyak dan tempatkan kapas di telinga Anda. Setelah 15 menit, keluarkan kapas. Ulangi cara ini sampai kotoran berkurang.

2. Baby oil

Ini merupakan alteratif berikutnya. Baby oil itu lembut dan tak ada efek samping untuk setiap jenis kulit. Lakukan proses yang sama seperti minyak zaitun.

3. Cuka dan alkohol

Campur dua cairan tersebut. Semprotkan ke telinga (dua tetes). Ambil kapas yang bersih dan lembut, pijat telinga bagian dalam. Ulangi proses ini sampai kotoran kuping yang berlebihan bisa diangkat.

4. Air garam

Ini obat terbaik untuk menghilangkan kotoran telinga. Buatlah larutan garam menggunakan air suam-suam kuku. Ketika siap, miringkan kepala Anda ke samping dan teteskan air perlahan-lahan ke dalam telinga. Kembalikan kepala Anda ke posisi normal dan gunakan kapas bola ke telinga Anda. Ulangi proses untuk telinga yang lain.

5. Air hangat

Setelah Anda mandi, cuci telinga Anda dengan air hangat.

6. Minyak kelapa

Tuang minyak kelapa ke dalam sendok, panaskan sendok dengan api lilin. Setelah agak hangat, celupkan kapas bola, hilangkan kelebihan minyak, dan pasang kapas berukuran kecil di telinga Anda. Panas dari minyak kelapa akan merontokkan kotoran telinga.

7. Gliserin

Resep rumahan lain yang gampang untuk membersihkan telinga adalah gliserin. Tuangkan 2 atau 3 tetes gliserin ke telinga. Kemudian bersihkan telinga dengan kapas bola, dan ulangi proses sampai telinga bersih.

8. Bawang putih

Hancurkan bawang putih di ulekan, setelah itu masukkan bawang putih ke sendok dan panaskan di atas lilin. Teteskan minyak yang ada ke telinga. Ini akan membantu membersihkan kotoran telinga.

9. Hidrogen peroksida

Mungkin ini terdengan terlalu kimiawi, tetapi hidrogen peroksida adalah bahan alami. Campurkan peroksida dengan air dengan komposisi yang sama, tuangkan cairan ke dalam kapas, kemudian peras kapas dan masukkan cairan ke telinga.

10. Cuka Apel

Cuka apel adalah resep rumahan yang efektif membersihkan kotoran telinga. Tinggal miringkan kepala Anda ke samping kemudian teteskan 2 atau 3 tetes cuka apel.

Gulung bola kapas di telinga Anda, dan biarkan selama satu jam. Ulangi proses sampai Anda merasa nyaman.

Dikutip dari:
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Cara Praktis Aktivasi Microsoft Office 2013 dan Windows 8 - Sudah tahukan Microsoft Office 2013? Software ini merupakan salah satu software yang wajib ada di komputer atau laptop Anda.

Bagaimana cara simpel mengaktivasi microsoft office 2013 dan windows 8? Silakan simak tutorialnya berikut ini!

Tutorial Praktis Aktivasi Microsoft Office 2013 dan Windows 8

1. Download software aktivasinya di SINI
2. Ekstrak file software aktivasinya tadi
3. Install file software aktivasinya tadi
4. Setelah sukses terinstall, jalankan/ buka file software aktivasinya
5. Klik tombol informasi "i" untuk melihat statusnya
6. Klik tombol merah, untuk exit

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